KontrolWP – 2.0.2 is now available. This is a mostly compatibility fixing release for all previous versions and we encourage you to update your sites immediately so that you can be 100% compatible with your latest version of the wordpress i.e. WordPress 4.6.x “Pepper”

Here are few points which we have released in the version 2.0.2:

  • As wordpress has deprecated “get_currentuserinfo()” method and scheduled to be removed soon enough, so we have upgraded KontrolWP codebase to use recommended method “wp_get_current_user()”.
  • In the early releases we had some buggy codes which doesn’t work properly anymore due to wordpress version upgrades and method deprecations.
  • WPWPLANG is no longer supported by WordPress core so we have resolved WPLANG dependencies for the plugin.
  • Most importantly we have upgraded our development to use PHP STRICT mode to provide notice free plugin to our customers.

We strongly believe that KontrolWP – 2.0.2 will make your development much more faster, better and optimised. Finally we thank all our developers & tester who has put into their effort to make this release possible.

You can contribute to KontrolWP development at Github: https://github.com/techunits/kontrolwp/