We at KontrolWP team constantly try to provide best possible tools which makes our users’ development & deployment curve fast. For the next release of KontrolWP – Version 2.0.5 we have identified following features & tools for our valued customers. We would love to get feedback from everyone who are using or intend to use KontrolWP, which will make our development quality better. Landmark features as follows:

  • Clone: We are hoping Post/Page/Custom post-type cloning would be one of the best possible features provided by KontrolWP. It helps our users to built their recurring content faster than ever before.
  • TinyMCE Editor: We will fix the TinyMCE plugin for custom field values which was a part of 1.x releases of KontrolWP, which has been broken due to changes in WordPress Core.

We are planning to release this version as soon as possible by end of  October, 2016. We would like to welcome interested developers to help us out by sharing our workload. Fork us on github: https://github.com/techunits/kontrolwp