KontrolWP – Kontrol WordPress Developer Kit is a exclusive plugin for WordPress developers and users. It’s very simple plug & play feature helps any WordPress user to become an professional within few minutes with few mouse clicks.

Brief History:

KontrolWP is developed by well-known Australian developer Mr. David Rugendyke. Due to some unavoidable reasons David had to drop the plugin and discontinue it’s maintenance. Later in the lead of Mr. Sougata Pal, Euphern Technology Pvt. Ltd. has recovered the old codebase version 1.5+ and put it back to life as version 2.0.1 with some required compatibility fixes to be compatible with current WordPress versions.

Currently it’s under active maintenance and extension by Euphern Technology Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Sougata Pal over github: https://github.com/techunits/kontrolwp

We welcome interested developers to put their suggestions, contributions to our github repository to make this plugin better.  For any queries you may contact us here.